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Core 2.13
May 13, 2024
Features and Improvements
ServiceNow integration
The new integration with ServiceNow allows you to link ServiceNow requests to assets and Business Applications from Insight, as well as selecting assets from Insight and synchronizing them to ServiceNow in order to quickly access relevant information.
Canon printers serial number detection
It is now possible to detect the serial number of Canon printers through Network Discovery.
New Discovery Source: VMware
This new integration allows you to import and access information from your VMware virtualization platform. Get visibility of your ESXi hosts and Virtual Machines through a new asset type for ESXis servers and custom profiles for VMs.
Bug Fixes
Prior to this fix, Insight's internal logs could potentially consume a significant amount of disk space.
Solves a bug that caused, the duplication of a custom field in the asset profile.
Fixes a bug that caused 'Potential savings' to display more decimals than expected, exceeding the intended two decimals.
Resolved an issue in the mobile version of the asset profile where list options couldn't be edited.
Before this fix, when custom fields were duplicated it wasn't possible to edit them.