Service Desk Releases

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Brand New 7.51.1 Stable 7.50.6 Core 7.49.7 LTS 7.34.39
Brand New 7.51.1
May 27, 2023
Bug Fixes
A bug causing issues in the time tracking reports when using the 'after' operator has been fixed.
Brand New 7.51.0
May 22, 2023
Features and Improvements
Delegate approvals when the approver is absent
This functionality enables agents to designate a colleague to handle their approvals in case of absence. This prevents delays in processes and other requests.
Integration with Lansweeper
With this new integration, you will now be able to create custom fields of Configuration Item type in requests with assets from Lansweeper, with their respective details, as well as being able to include them in Reports and Dashboards.
Bug Fixes
Fix performance issues in reports.
Solves a bug that prevented saving changes to working hours in scheduled reports.
Fix for a bug that affected the language selector after resetting email templates.
Before this fix, the description and unformatted description fields in scheduled reports were displayed as empty.
Solves a bug that occurred when attempting to save body templates without any content.
Fix for a bug that caused delays when creating requests via MS Teams.
Solves a bug that prevented the activation of the working hours option for scheduled requests.
Before this fix, shared custom fields from Workflows would display the description 'Shared custom field erased' even though they exist in the instance.
Before this fix, when filling a form field with a 0 in Workflows, the request history would display 'Empty' instead of 0.
Before this fix, the superadmin user was used in multiple API calls, instead of System, which caused issues if administrator permissions were revoked.