Service Desk Releases

What’s new on Service Desk? Navigate a detailed release log of new features and fixes.

Brand New 7.64.2
Nov 27, 2023
Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug causing errors when linking a new external entity to a request.
Brand New 7.64.1
Nov 21, 2023
Bug Fixes
We've added some missing translations.
Brand New 7.64.0
Nov 20, 2023
Features and Improvements
Search users through API by phone
The new endpoint / allows you to search for users by phone.
New Workflow stage exportable column
Users will now be able to include the workflow stage of a request as a column when exporting requests' information.
New Rating column in request views
We've added the Rating column in Request views, providing agents with quick access to see ratings in the requests.
Waiting status display improvement
The name of the external entity is now displayed on the request view tag when waiting for it.
New action in automations
We have added "Reopen Request" as an action in Automations.
Requests print view enhancement
The enhanced print view on requests provides users with a clearer and more comprehensive format, ensuring that all data within the request is visible and neatly presented.
Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug in the search query for associating requests, where open requests were not considered when searching strictly by ID.
Fixed a bug that caused the deletion of email recipients when editing an automation with email sending.
Fixed a bug where text enclosed between angle brackets in text-type custom fields would disappear if the code inside was not recognized.
We've resolved a bug where scheduled requests were created with incorrect location IDs.